Welcome to Community Corner!

Feel free to contribute, the only guidelines are:

  • Previously translated words should be translated the same, consistently. If you think there's another, better translation, please discuss on the talk page for that word before re-translating it. If a word is translated differently, the change must be reflected across all pages where it is used.
  • Look at usage for a given Hebrew or Greek word, and see how it's used throughout the entire Bible. It needs to fit with all usages everywhere, not just with the specific passage being examined. If you're using PowerBible CD you can turn on the Interlinear tool, click a Hebrew/Greek word (they'll be in green font), and then go to "Search for ____ in KJV". This will show you all passages where that Hebrew or Greek word is used, so you can decide on what a proper translation should be.
  • Since conjunctions aren't really used in the original text they can be added where appropriate (and, but, the, a, etc.) but the goal is to stick as closely and exclusively to the source text as possible, and this should be kept minimal while still maintaining readability.
  • Paragraph formatting if used follows that seen in PowerBible CD.
  • This is intended as a family-friendly site, obviously. Please keep language decent, thanks!
  • If there are disagreements about what translation should be or other issues, talk things out. Disagreement isn't wrong as long as we're all honest and interested in finding the truth. I'd rather people be honest with themselves and each other than putting on a fake veneer of courtesy which will only result in hidden resentments.
  • Don't revert other's edits without a very good explainable reason. "Consensus" is not a reason and is a highly abused excuse for enforcing a clique's opinions on others. Consensus doesn't matter unless there's explainable, irrefutable, logical justification behind the consensus.

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